American Catholics for Israel is here to continue a dialogue I’ve had for a very long time with people from all walks of life encouraging friendship and understanding between Christians and Jews while we find ways to support today’s Israel together.  I am a practicing Catholic, and I have found that although the Church has provided some excellent guidelines that could flourish and begin dialogues on the parish level, and there are some great scholars now adding resources via books and a few online resources, American Catholics who love Israel and the Israeli people are rather elusive. I know you are out there!  My hope is that you find your way to this website and join us as we begin a journey of helping our fellow Catholics and members of the Jewish communities find out more about each other, explore our faiths unexpected common denominators, and support the people of today’s Israel.


Nancy Montgomery, Editor

You can read our title “U. S. Catholics for Israel” or a more simple “Us Catholics for Israel.”  Personally I like the “us” because the semi-title says it all anyway:

“American Catholics for Israel!”

©2018 Nancy H Montgomery